Trickle Vent fitted above window

Vent-trex is a range of unique extract ventilation fans incorporating trickle ventilation which can be fitted over almost any size of timber, aluminium or PVCu window frame and can be finished in a colour to match.

Vent-trex is ideal for use in home or flat refurbishment and conservation projects as well as the refurbishment of high-rise buildings and those of no-fines construction as it does not damage the fabric of the building.

Vent-trex avoids the need to:

  • core walls
  • have external cowls
  • take up useful wall space
  • obscure window glazing

Vent-trex is:

  • visually unobtrusive
  • economic to install
  • easy to fit
  • energy efficient in use
  • easy to maintain
  • proven to be reliable in use
  • used by Local Authorities throughout the UK

The Vent-trex extract fan trickle ventilation system is suitable for new-build window installation and for both renovation and refurbishment environment projects.

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